CO2 MMP determination on L Reservoir by using CMG simulation and correlations

Abstract. CO2 minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) is an important parameter in CO2 enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) process. The CO2 injection must be conducted at the pressure equal or greater than MMP. The aim of this study is to determine CO2 MMP by using one-dimensional CMG simulation model and CO2 MMP correlations on L reservoir. To make an accurate simulation model and to choose the most satisfying correlation, it is necessary to validate by comparing the obtained CO2 MMP with experiments in the laboratory on eight type oil from various fields. The result showed that Zhang’s correlation is the best correlation which have -13.9% average percentage of errors while using the CMG simulation model shows the average percentage errors approximately -6.5 %. Using Zhang’sm correlation, CO2 MMP on L reservoir is about 3166 psia and from CMG simulation, CO2 MMP equals to 3219 psia.