Enhanced Gas Recovery by CO2 Injection Method in Depleted Gas Reservoirs


Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR) in mature fields is an exceptional and tremendous opportunity to promote the production of the remaining gas through the injection of CO2 . Geological model, well logs and other data are used for forecasting the EGR by injection of CO2 after its conventional depletion and long term CO2 sequestration. The Computer Modeling Group’s simulator is used for forecasting the reservoir performance and evaluation of the reliability of these predictions. The various possible scenarios forecast almost twenty-two years of gas production which also include four years and ten months of EGR by the injection of CO2 . Through CO2 injection, sweep efficiency can be increased in low pressure reservoirs that can enhance the production up to 14%. Present study reveals that total 60 million tons of CO2 can permanently be sequestrated in the depleted reservoir during thirty years of injection period.


Carbon Sequestration for Enhanced Gas Recovery (CSEGR); Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR); General Equation of State Model (GEM); CO2

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