A New Approach for Storage Capacity and Allowable Injection Time Calculation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Reservoir





In reducing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, some energy industry start to implement the Carbon Capture Storage (CCS). However, there still less restriction and considerations in calculating the storage capacity and allowable injection time of CCS reservoir which might lead into leakage problem. In overcoming this problem, there is a study conducted to make a new calculation with higher accuracy. In this study, the reservoir model is using CMG software with base model of East Natuna Field. Then, this model is used to make a sensitivity analysis for 10 CCS fields with a support of CMG-CMOST and Eureqa software. The result is an equation with an R-Square of 96.6% for storage capacity and 95.4% for allowable injection time. The considered parameter in the new equation are permeability, porosity, fracture pressure, thickness, area, reservoir temperature, and reservoir pressure. To validate the new equation, a case study is made for 3 CCS fields. The result shows that the new equation shows up to 21% smaller storage capacity and 7 years reduction in allowable injection time. The result is reasonable due to additional restrictions. Therefore, it is believed that the generated equation is valid and more beneficial compared to the conventional equation.