Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of the Effective parameters on ASP Flooding Compared to Polymer Flooding Using CMG-STARS

聚合物驱和三元复合驱是两种常用的化学提高采收率(EOR)方式,采效果受很多参数影响。本文考虑八个变量的分数阶乘设计来确定模拟数量。采用CMG STARS创建1/6反7点井网的两口井模型。运算了聚合物和ASP的64个作业,并讨论了单参数和双参数相互作用的影响。结果表明,在油湿碳酸盐岩油藏中,与聚合物驱相比,三元复合驱提高采收率效果更好,原生水饱和度是影响采收率的主要因素。此外,三元复合驱和聚合物驱两个参数的相互作用效果不同。最后,建立了基于变量的回归模型,用于估计聚合物和三元复合驱的采收率。


Department of Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology (PUT), Abadan, Iran


Polymer and ASP flooding are two popular chemical enhanced oil recoveries (EOR) method for increasing oil recovery in the tertiary stage of oil production. Many parameters, effect on the performance of these methods. In this paper, fractional factorial design for eight variables is considered to determine the number of simulations. CMGS TARS is used to create a 1/6 inverted 7 spots with two wells. 64 runs for polymer and ASP are considered and the effect of parameter as single and two parameter interactions is discussed. The results show ASP flooding has better performance to increase oil recovery factor compared to polymer flooding in oil wet carbonate reservoir. Over there, connate water saturation has a main effect on recovery factor. On the other hand, two parameters interaction effect, are different for ASP and polymer flooding. Finally, a regression model based on variables is generated for estimating the recovery factor in polymer and ASP flooding.

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